Ginger Indian Cuisine in Richmond BC welcomes you.

Indian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisine in the world. It has survived centuries, evolved with every invasion and absorbed new influences and cultures. Over the centuries cultures and styles have blended and nothing has quite benefited as the cooking.

Thankfully the lessons of our glorious past have come to us at Ginger Indian Cuisine.

Every effort is taken to assure the freshness of recipes and it’s ingredients with equal stress on nutritional value. We trust you’ll find the dining experience pleasurable and our hospitality lives up to our Indian heritage.

The home of exclusive Indian Cuisine, a traditional Indian restaurant bringing the authentic taste of India in a contemporary, modern, stylish setting.

We invite you to join us at our restaurant located in 140-3031 Beckman Pl Richmond bc. Come and taste some of the finest traditional and contemporary dishes, created using only the finest fresh herbs and spices. Ginger Indian Cuisine offer visitors a dining experience not to be forgotten!